Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bootstrap recovery from Crashed Networker server

Quick Note -
1. Install OS and netwoker same version and same patches
2. Reconfigure the NDMP Jukebox
3. Reset the autochanger Device by nsrjb -vHE, this will reset the autochanger, ejects backup volume, reinitializes the element status and checks each slot for a volume. in linux use ielem
and sjiielm in other platforms.
4. Inventory the auto changer by using the nsrjb -I > this helps to determine whether the volumes required to recover the bootstrap are located inside the auto changer
5. Locate the Latest bootstrap save set ID, to identify the recent bootstrap save set ID. Insert the most recent media volumes used for the scheduled backups into the appropriate device
6. Insert the first volume of the bootstrao save set into the first drive of the autochanger.
nsrjb -lnv -S -f
where slot is where the first volume is located
Device name is the pathname for the first drive found by the inquire command
7. Run scanner -B command to determine the save set ID of the most recent bootstrap on the mounted media. if you do not locate this ID, run the scanner -B command on the preceding media to locate it.
8. Record the bootstrap save set ID and the volume label from the output.
9. Recover the bootstrap and resource database using the mmrecov command
10. Then load the volume when prompted
11. Then the res.R directory is created. copy it to respective location and the restart the service
12. Then run the scanner command with the -m options to scan the save sets and tapes into the media database.
13. To identify only appendable volumes run
mminfo -q '!full' -r "volume,client,mediarec,mediafile,next,name"
mark a volume read only
nsrmm -y -o readonly volume name
Repeat the steps 3 and 4 for every append able volumes found in the previous step
mount the tape into the tape drive
nsrjb -ln -f device
use the last file and record number from the previous mminfo command and issue the following scanner command
scanner -f number -r number -m device
this will make the media database before crash

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