Wednesday, December 15, 2010

EMC Networker 7 series Manual Backup through commands

Manual backups are sometime necessary, so here is the way
1) Use save -l incr -b Default /tmp
this will create a Backup with manual flag but the flag -l is ignored.
Networker needs a Time-Stamp to base a non-full backup against. The timestamp is going to be the nsavetime of a previous backup. ( for increamental it will be the nsavetime for most recent (whatever) backup for the saveset was.
2) To see the information use mminfo command
mminfo -q "name=/tmp" -r volume,level,sumsize,nsavetime,client,ssid (etc)
note the nsavetime of the last backup.
3) Now using this time with the -t option , this will backup all changes to that directory since the last time given.
Now this will show as manual bakcup in mminfo, but as you can comapre the size you will see its increamental backup only.
for ex. save -q -LL -t <> /tmp
4) As you can see, we’ve got a full backup, and a subsequent manual backup that is effectively an incremental against the full.
5) This is usefull in the scenario when someone has to take the backup without giving administrative access to the networker server.

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