Wednesday, December 15, 2010

EMC Networker Recover Command usage

Quick Note -
Recover command can be used both in interactive mode as well as parameters can be given in the recover command itself as in the case of the recover using the SSID option.
Use the recover command in the interactive mode
Find the save time using the mminfo command such as
mminfo -q "name=/tmp" -r volume,level,sumsize,savetime
Recover command will show the save sets for the respective client or the server which itself is a client using the ls command.
At the prompt of the recover command, enter the chagetime command.
use changetime -l 10/27/10
use changetime -l 10/27/10 10:01 am
This will list the files present at that time
To see the attributes you can use the ll command inside the recover interactive command
Changetime command accepts the date as 10/27/10 [dd/mm/yy] 10:00 am

To mark the file for the recovery, the recovery file has to be created
To build this use this
add -q
To view the build list for the recovery
list -l ----------> to view the recovery list
To delete the filename form the recovery list
delete <>
Destinaton command to see the default recovery location.
Use volumes command to see the required volumes
Use relocate 
to specify the new destination directory for the recovered files. Use recover command at last to recover the file to the desired destination.

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