Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Index Backup in different Media Pool in EMC Networker

Quick Note -
Index Backups to different or respective pools
ndices will get appropriate level backups with each client backup that occurs. If you want to force a full index backup though for all machines, and you have all machines in a group, you can run (from the command line):

savegrp -O -l full groupName
for ex, savegrp -v -O -l full "datavault Volume"

savegrp -v -O -l full -G groupname

for ex. savegrp -O -l mysqlserver -------> this will backup the full level backup of index & bootstrap record.
where “groupName” is the name of the index group (or other group that has all clients in it). The -O option saves only bootstrap/index information, not the actual client data itself.

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