Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Index Recovery in EMC Networker 7 series server

Hi Guys this is quick note to myself -
Sometimes we need to recover files from tapes for which the retention policy is expired and the Online index is not present in the server for browsing the desired file for the recovery.
To recover all client file indexes for a particular client
nsrck -L7 client name
Through this we can recover the NDMP client indexes
scanner -i option will not work for NDMP client index

To rescan the tape for the index building for the tape for which the browse policy is expired or the index is not present in Online server index do the following steps
Mount the tape into the drive in Read only mode, first make it read only then mount it in the drive
then use the following command
1)scanner -S <> -im /dev/nst0 -----> this will scan the index from the Tape for the specified SSID and -i - builds both the media and online index m - media database for the tape mounted in the /dev/nst0
2)scanner -c <> -im /dev/nst0 -------> this will rebuild the index for the client specified cleint in the command and will read from the device specified in /dev/nst0, then if it comprises for than 1 voluem then it will ask for another tape to mount and will ask for device, if its mounted in the another device. otherwise unmount from the first one and mount it in the same drive. this will rebuild the whole index for the specified client and will ask for all tapes
3) scanner -m /dev/nrst8 ----------> to rebuild the client online file index for a client from a tape
(this is hopefully for the Tapes which has index backups in it after every data backup)
Then run nsrck -L7 -t "06/07/99" coolclient
This will check for the client coolclient and will recover the index from the tape for that client.

Now we can browse the file for recovery in Online index of the server.

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