Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Recovering from aborted saveset using SSID Recover in EMC Networker 7.4

First of all find the aborted savesetid (SSID) through the GUI or using the mminfo command, then fire this command from client system
recover -d path -s backupserver -iN -S ssid
where path - where you want to recover the files
backupserver - backup server from which you want to recover files
ssid - ssid of the aborted saveset
-iN - specifies the default overwrite response
N - system save set
We will get the listing of the files recovered, and at last will give error for the files which are in transit at the time of abort.
Hence we can recover from the aborted save set up-to the file which got successfully backed-up.

Using this method we can also recover files using the specific SSID for the recovery only, such as recovering the incremental backup for that backup only.Generally this is usefull in case of the nsrinfo command.

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