Thursday, March 31, 2011

SSH connection using PuTTY Touch UI on Nokia 5233 (Symbian OS 9.4)

Hey Guys, Ever felt the need to do some CLI awesomeness on Linux when you are on the move & got connectivity through Wi-Fi Hotspot or through GPRS/EDGE/3G on your symbian mobile I got a solution for ya.
Our favorite SSH client for Windows PuTTY is here to save us on the Symbian Platform also. I am using PuTTY Touch UI 1.06 (0.8.8) version here for the Nokia 5233 mobile I got. Nokia 5233 is a decent phone for the price having really nice Touch interface. Nokia 5233 does not have Wi-Fi capability so I am using my service providers GPRS here which is quite sluggish but enough for the SSH connection.
The Touch interface in the PuTTY is good for quick operations. The app is really good and not resource hungry.
Just one thing you cannot multi-task while your SSH connection is established.
Follow some of the screenshots from my mobile SSH'ed into my Laptop connected through wireless-card with SSH port 22 open for Public connection.
So as you can see I can run Metasploit and do dome penetration testing on the fly with the SSH connection from my Mobile to Linux Box sitting at home. The Linux Box is connected to the Internet by Huge Pipe so that the Bandwidth will not be a problem. Believe me guys GPRS connection is much sufficient for SSH connection to the Linux Box & from there I can do whatever I want.
Now I can reach to my Linux box from almost anywhere through SSH.
SSH to different ports is also supported in the application. Advance Logging features are also present there for logs residing in the Mobile phone including the RAW SSH traffic or the Printable output.
A random thought just came into my mind, If we can do the port forwarding in the application on the Symbian OS so that all the traffic will be tunneled to the Linux box through SSH then that would be the more secure connection as the complete traffic from mobile to the Linux Box is encrypted reducing the Service Provider level threats.
Telnet though is not possible from this version of PuTTY. SSHv1 or SSHv2 can be done.
Private key can also be forwarded. Keep-alive intervals also can be configured. Please explore more guys and let me know what you think about this.

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