Saturday, April 23, 2011

Networker Tape dumping using uasm & scanner

Sometimes we need to recover data from the tapes which are well beyond Browse & Retention Policies. Of course the index is no longer there & we want to recover particular data. This can be achieved by using uasm in Networker.
Mount the Tape in the drive from which you want to recover the data into drive & follow the procedure given below.

scanner /dev/nst3

This will report the SSID,client name & saveset name present in the Tape. Apparently we don't want to restore this on original location. Suppose we want to recover this on /tmp location. Now the desired SSID can be selected.

scanner -S <ssid> /dev/nst3 | uasm -rv -m /usr=/tmp

This will scan the bits right of the tape for given SSID & will pipe it to uasm for recevering. uasm is default ASM (Application Specific Module) for Unix Filesystem present. "r" switch for recovring, "v" for verbosity, "/usr" actual saveset & relocated to /tmp for recovery.

To recover all the savesets for particular client, use this

scanner -c <client name> -x uasm -rv -m/=/tmp

This process can be automated using scripts to suite the needs.

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