Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vmware ESXi 5.0 Hypervisor LACP (802.3ad) bonding with Enterasys Devices

Yo, back again. Busy schedule kept me from blogging. Anyway recently I got into a situation to do LACP 
(Link Aggregation 802.3ad) bonding with Vmware ESXi 5.0 Hypervisor & Enterasys N-Series devices. This is quite tricky as Hypervisor will not support active LACP frames. Normal Procedure for Linux & Enterasys LACP static bonding is not going to work here. Algorithm used for LACP in Enterasys devices is DIP-SIP (Destination IP-Source IP). More details on LACP Algorithms can be found in my earlier post.

LACP/Etherchannel Algorithms & Linux Bonding Modes 

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Steps Involved -
  • Select both the Network cards as Vmware 5.0 ESXi Cards at the time of ESXi Installation.
  • After Installation, from Vsphere Client make the Load balancing algorithm changes as per the screenshot below.
  • Enterasys employs DIP-SIP LACP algorithm.
  • Load Balancing has to be on IP based only for Enterasys to support. (This means Load balancing will be done on basis of IP addresses of Sending/Receiving Clients).
  • Shift the Network cards from Standby Adapters to Active Adapters to utilize it for Load balancing.
  • Failover group will contain standby adapters which will takeover on failure of Active adapters with same properties as Active Adapters.
  • vSwitch Configuration screenshot
  •  Enterasys involves following configurations
    • Active LACP will not work as LACP has to be negotiated forcefully.
    • Lets say interested ports are ge.3.1 & ge.3.2.
    • Commands are as follows 
set port lacp port ge.3.1 aadminkey 108
set port lacp port ge.3.2 aadminkey 108
set port lacp port ge.3.1 padminkey 108
set port lacp port ge.3.2 padminkey 108
clear port lacp port ge.3.1 aadminstate lacpactive
clear port lacp port ge.3.2 aadminstate lacpactive
set port lacp port ge.3.1 padminstate lacpagg
set port lacp port ge.3.2 padminstate lacpagg
set port lacp port ge.3.1 disable
set port lacp port ge.3.2 disable
    • Enterasys has a nifty feature to auto-configure static  LACP.
    • LACP auto-configuration commands with auto-generated aadminkey is as follows.
set lacp static lag.0.12 ge.3.1
set lacp static lag.0.12 ge.3.1
    • Enterasys will issue above commands automatically. (aadminkey is taken from lag.0.12 i.e 12 in auto-configuration).
    • Now lag group lag.0.12 will reflect the aggregated port capacity as 2Gbps.

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